Meaningful Moments in Unspectacular Places is a subtle deformation of the basically functional arranged urban space around a tram stop in Amsterdam. This ordinary location is connected with the very intimate and for the involved persons often very intense and meaningful activity of French kissing.

The first part of the installation Order of the Angels / Ordung der Engel was made in the scope of the artist in residence program at the Lichtenberg Studios in Berlin in April/May 2014. The second part was made for the exhibition „Pret Park“ at Mediamatic in July 2014 in Amsterdam.

As a contribution to the group show ‘Sign of the Tides’ at the Five Myles Gallery in New York, USA, the installation Sugar Jetty was directly built in the exhibition space. All carrying parts of the about 1,10 m wide, 0,80 m high, 4,50 m long jetty were made from sugar cubes...


Three white doves are sitting on a traffic light. With every colour appearing on the traffic light a pair of doves- eyes starts glowing powerfully in the same colour, looking down to the drivers.

At first glance, a little forest seems to have wildly grown between two amateur football fields of the ASV Arsenal in the south of Amsterdam. Upon closer inspection, however, one notices that the trees are artificial, and situated in the middle of this stand of artificial trees is a concrete model (116 x 96 x 30 cm, 300 kg) of a football stadium.

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