Architectural Interventions

Four poles with flags (Europe, Turkey, Germany, Turkish- Islamic Union) are part of the façade of the building at the Bremer Platz 42 in Münster (Germany). It belongs to the Turkish- Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion and hosts different spaces with for example prayer rooms, classrooms and a café. In order to change the situation one of the flagpoles was turned around and pushed into the building where behind a large window the flag of the turned pole was animated with ventilators....


 Meaningful Moments in Unspectacular Places is a subtle deformation of the basically functional arranged urban space around a tram stop in Amsterdam. This ordinary location is connected with the very intimate and for the involved persons often very intense and meaningful activity of French kissing.
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33 Helmut Dicks visiting New Dehli After arriving with a transport vehicle Dick started to unload and build up standing cardboard images of himself. The cut –out prints have slightly confused and amazed looking facial-expressions and wear the same clothes like the ‘real’ working Dick is wearing. After a total of 32 figures were set up Dick started to reload ‘himself’ back into the transporter…
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Video Works

In the ‘warm food’ compartments there seems to be a mix up with a terrarium. A greenish red frog with black spots is jumping around a similar looking croquette...
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Cauliflower on mashed sweet potato with wild Salmon and a sauce of creme, beetroot and dill...
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